Advanced RF Development for government applications
Out of the Fog Research was founded in 2004 to develop technology and manufacture RF
products enabled by cryogenics and thin-film superconductor technology for military and
intelligence end-user customers.  

It was founded by Stuart Berkowitz, who has built a worldwide reputation based on leading a
continuing series of scientific advances, technological breakthroughs and leading projects for
the introduction of commercial products. Over 40 advanced systems have been delivered while
the founder was at Conductus / STI.

A list of personnel at agencies from the Navy, Air Force,
and DARPA can attest to the
effectiveness of technology development programs run by the founder.

As a small company working in a budding technology, we have made the following
commitments to our customers and ourselves:
We will serve as a low-maintenance center to maintain strategic capability for the
government in HTS technology

We will continually push the technology boundaries in pursuit of higher performance
capability for the government

We will develop the infrastructure and human resources  to develop and deliver
advanced prototypes

We are committed to introducing superconductive electronics products to the
government marketplace at the earliest opportunity that the technology permits.
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Out of the Fog Research LLC
565 Clyde Avenue, Suite 620
Mountain View, CA 94043
Tel: (415) 505-3827

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